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GARDEN GRUDGE: Complaint Starts Discussion

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West Des Moines city leaders met Wednesday morning to discuss prohibiting fruits and vegetable plants in residential front yards.

One man had a problem with his neighbor planting tomatoes and corn in the front yard, so he complained to city leaders.   Now city officials are considering adopting a new ordinance.

The plan is to present city council with 3 options:  Prohibit all fruit and vegetable plants, add some restrictions to what kinds of plants and how many, or keep the city code as is.

“There are people that have a potted tomato plant on their front porch and I guess technically if this ordinance would pass they couldn’t have that. Again there’s a lot of things out there that I think need to be considered before any ordinance gets passed,” said West Des Moines council member Kevin Trevillyan.

City development leaders plan to present options to the council in about a month.