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REGENTS REACT: Board Weighs In On Harkin Institute

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Senator Tom Harkin says he won’t donate his official papers to ISU.

“Our reaction is disappointment,” says Regent President Pro Tem Bruce Rastetter.

The Board of Regents says Iowa State University will decide what's next for the year old Harkin Institute.

“We looked forward to housing the papers.  I think it's a logical place, the Senator's alma mater,” says John McCarroll, Iowa State University Relations Executive Director.

But that isn`t an option anymore.  Harkin says he took issue with the way the University wanted to restrict some areas of research.

“This wasn't about infringing on academic freedom or research.  It was clearly about the bureaucratic rules that exist between the institutes that are there,” says Rastetter.

For now, the Harkin Institute remains on campus.  For how long is up to Iowa State University.

“If we were to continue a public policy institute based on the Harkin Institute, it's a possibility his name might not be associated with it in the future, but that is something Iowa State would take up with the Senator,” says McCarroll.