SEXUAL HARRASMENT: Audit Shows U of I Needs Work

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The Iowa Board of Regents discussed the results of an audit examining employment practices at the University of Iowa Athletics Department Wednesday.

University President Sally Mason asked for the audit in November after the resignation of Associate Athletic Director Peter Gray, following an internal investigation that found him guilty of violating the school’s sexual harassment policy.

Gray was accused of making sexually explicit comments to students and for exchanging nude photos of students for Hawkeye football tickets.

Mason called Gray`s case an “avoidable incident” and apologized to those affected. Gray`s supervisor, Fred Mims, has since reassigned, and Mason promised other action to improve hiring of management and preventing harassment.

The audit of the athletic department found that officials followed the procedures for reporting and investigating, but also determined the school needs to do more.

The findings show the U of I is falling behind on annual performance reviews and sexual harassment training.

“We have some work, to which I think was a very good message that we got from the audit report and I was also pleased to see that many of the other things that they looked at really weren’t findings of concern,” Mason said.

The sexual harassment training was developed following the arrest of two Hawkeye football players on sexual assault charges in 2007. Both players were later convicted of lesser charges.

President Sally Mason will update the Board of Regents on the University’s progress in April.