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HAPPY PLACE: Home And Garden Show

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The logic is pretty simple: with home sales on the upswing, the home and garden show is a happier place.

Up and down the aisles, there`s a good feeling going `round.  The past might actually be behind us.

“A couple 2-3 years ago, people who were considering doing a home improvement didn`t because they just didn`t have the money,” John Beardsley with Louie's Floor Covering, Inc said.

Home improvement follows home sales, and across Iowa, sales and prices are up. At the home show, vendors are hearing from those hoping to join the trend.

“They just need to update some things so they can get their house ready to market so they can go out and buy that new home,” Beardsley said.

“Maybe five to ten thousand dollars in that price range can really increase the value and make it more marketable,” Lucas Herrick with Modern Touches Home Improvements said.

Those who`ve decided to stay put are reaching for their wallets, too.

New carpet, new windows, new machines all make home a little sweeter as we move past sour times.

Iowa home sales rose 12 percent in 2012.  January sales numbers will be released on Monday and are expected to bring more good news.  The home and garden show runs through Sunday at Hy-Vee Hall.