HAWKS BASKETBALL: Double Overtime Thriller

The last time Iowa played Wisconsin, fans stormed the court on an emotion packed night.

That was in Iowa City but Wednesday night, the game was in Madison.

Iowa were down eleven in the first half at Wisconsin.

And at one point, Fran McCaffery goes off, and that's a technical.

Hawks don't give up.

Josh Oglesby finds himself open for 3 and he nails it, Iowa crawl back to within 2 at the half.

Jump to the end of regulation, the game tied, Wisconsin rebounds, Aaron White with the steal, the basket and the foul. Iowa leads by 3.

With 22 seconds left, Wisconsin goes for the tie and they get a home court bounce.

So Iowa has one last shot at winning the game, Mike Gesell doesn't see a wide open Aaron White, and Oglesby's shot goes in and out.

So they played a first overtime to a tie, then in to double overtime.

But Iowa can't get the momentum back.

They fall short in Madison.

Wisconsin wins 74 to 70.

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