MO-PED HELMETS: Subcommittee Approves Bill

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A bill to require people under age 18 to wear a helmet while riding a mo-ped has cleared one hurdle in the Iowa Senate.

The transportation subcommittee approved the legislation after hearing from two friends of a 17-year-old Iowa City girl, who died in February of 2011 when she lost control of her mo-ped and crashed.

They’ve been backing the bill from the start, and they aren’t alone, more than 1,500 people signed a petition to get the legislation passed. “We’re in it for the long hall so we’re ready. We knew going into that it could take some time, but we’re excited for the challenge ahead of us. It won’t slow us down, no matter how long it takes, we’re here,” supporter Leah Murray said.

Now the bill will move to the full committee for consideration.

Iowa is one of three states that don’t have a helmet law.