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ERIN OFF CAMERA: Hey What’s Yer Face!

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Friday, Friday, Friday!  It’s FINALLY Friday!

All day yesterday Sonya and I thought it was Friday.  Isn’t it the worst feeling when you realize it isn’t?!?

A few weeks ago I was so convinced it was Friday when it was really Thursday that at the end of the ten o’clock newscast I said, “Have a great weekend!”

That was the same day Ed called me “Lynn” on the air.  A few days later he called Sonya, “Erin”.

Earlier this week Dan was trying to say “important appointment” and it came out sounding like “impapapa…tant…appoin…ment…” – or something like that.

My point is that all sorts of stupid things fall out of our mouths on TV – just like stupid things fall out of people’s mouths in real life.  We try to do our jobs well, but all of us make mistakes. Thanks for being understanding, we appreciate it!

Now – enjoy your weekend.  For real!!!