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EXTREME PROPOSAL: Engagement Goes Viral

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Every couple remembers when and how they got engaged. Typically the soon-to-be husband pops the question, either privately or with friends and family around but one Iowa proposal is gaining worldwide attention.

It was a typical Tuesday night in DeWitt, the Central Clinton Sabers sophomore boys basketball team just winning out over Western Dubuque Epworth but something special was about to happen.

The boys coach, Brandon Barnhart was about to pop the question to Hanna, his girlfriend of four years.

They met in college at Mount Mercy, Brandon a basketball player, Hanna played volleyball and on this Tuesday night she had no idea what was about to happen.

“I walked in and my parents were there, they live in Cedar Rapids and it was the last home game, so I thought my dad was just there to visit.”

Suddenly though, Hanna was called to the middle of the court but she wasn't sure why.

“I look back and think, how did I not know when I went to sit down? I thought, it is weird, is this a prank? Are they going to embarrass me? So, I sat in the chair,” she recounted to WQAD.

The music plays, the students, who'd rehearsed the routine twice that week danced, and then, still wondering what was going on, she heard the magic words from singer Bruno Mars, “Hey baby! I think I want to marry you.”

Then I realized what the words said, and I’d listened to that song a million times and just didn't realize.

Brandon's team brought her flowers and then it was his turn.

“Once it was all done, kids did a great job of it.”

The only thing left for me to do was walk and of course, ask Hanna to marry him, which she said “yes” to.

Video of the proposal has gone viral on YouTube with nearly a hundred thousand hits in a week surprising Hanna.



“Its way bigger than I realize.”

It almost didn't go according to plan. Minutes before the flash mob, during the game, Hanna stuck up for one of Brandon’s players after a foul and yelled at the ref almost getting herself thrown out of the gym for the night.

“He was yelling at me, the ref was, about shutting up. And I’m trying to pull the ref's attention to me… and the assistant coach was like, "hey Barnhard, wouldn't it be funny if she got kicked out and you couldn't do this?!"

It all worked out.  Brandon and Hanna are now engaged.  Their family, friends and town were on hand to see it.

“The fact everyone came to support us, words can't describe how awesome that feeling is, especially because I’ve only lived here since October,” Hanna said.

As the proposal takes on a life of its own online, Brandon says he doesn't feel bad about upping the ante for other guys in his shoes.

“It's moments like this you kind of throw us under the bus. I do feel sorry for guys out there!”

Brandon has one issue to take care, he forgot to put the ring on her finger. After he gave her the box in the tunnel, she gave it back to him and made him get the ring out.

Thanks to WQAD.