PIG OUT: Bacon Festival Preparations Sizzle

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For those looking for a pig-me-up, the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival is this weekend. Last year’s event went through 96,000 strips of the stuff but before the 8,000 strong crowd can enjoy it, someone has to cook all the pork.

Chef Robert Anderson from the Iowa Culinary Institute explains the logistics, “We'll be going from 6 in the morning to 8 o’clock at night.”

Students at DMACC'S Iowa Culinary Institute will be frying up 3,000 pounds of bacon Friday.

That includes a new type of bacon made from beef.

In order to get all the bacon cooked, students rotate 144 trays of pork every 15 minutes for more than 14 hours.

The bacon is cooked at 400 degrees.

When it's done, students get some bacon lettuce and tomato sandwiches  and a side with a bacon flair, “With the bacon fat were going to be putting it in the french-fryer and preparing tater tots in the French-fryer so we’ll have bacon flavored tater tots for the students.”

The cooking is not open to the public but you may catch the aroma of bacon in the area.

The Bacon Fest is Saturday at the Iowa State Fairgrounds with tickets no longer available. They sold out in just three minutes.