OBSCENE MESSAGE: Community Reaction

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A West Marshall prank went public when someone posted a picture online of the high school wrestlers posing with an obscene message written on their arms. Each had a single letter on their arms, which when they stood together spelled out a vulgar message to a rival team, Don Bosco.

The consequences are yet to be determined. Both schools are dealing with the incident privately.

According to West Marshall's handbook, students are expected to show dignity and respect for all, demonstrate zero tolerance for harassment, and use school appropriate language.

All three were violated with this one act.

Now people in the West Marshall school district hope people don't judge them based on a bad decision by some teenagers, or in the very least hope that a lesson can be learned from it.

“You can’t cover every situation your kids going to be in but if you have those questions it helps them think on their own instead of following the crowd,” said Greg Witzenburg, from State Center.

“It can be very detrimental in the long run as far as trying to build character for the community trying to build character for the school district and showing what we can do for kids,” said Steve Lively, from State Center.

“It’s frustrating, because I know that kids can be smarter than that,” said Jennipher Nielsen, “I mean really if you’re at a championship level why wouldn’t you behave to be an example instead of something I am too embarrassed to tell my kids about.”

Barring any consequences, the West Marshall wrestling team will be back on the mat next week for the state dual meet in Des Moines.