SENATE SEAT: Poll Says Vilsack Has Appeal

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A new Des Moines Register poll shows Iowans favor a former governor to take over for a retiring senator.

Former governor and current U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack hasn’t talked about whether he’d run for Tom Harkin’s seat, but the poll conducted after Harkin’s announcement shows 56-percent of the Iowans polled think he’d be an appealing senate candidate.

He’s the only candidate of eight rumored to run that gets a majority approval.

Vilsack’s wife Christie actually scored second highest on candidate appeal at 42-percent but a spokesperson says she’s not interested.

The only candidate actually in the race, Democratic Congressman Bruce Braley gets 36-percent approval.

Among Republicans only Tom Latham’s name stirred more positive than negative feelings. Forty-percent of the people polled said Latham was an appealing candidate.

Rep. Steve King, Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds and Bob Vander Plaats all got higher negative ratings than positive.

More than half of the respondents thought the idea of a Vander Plaats candidacy was not appealing.