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BACON FESTIVAL: Event Could Expand In 2014

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The Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival started small.

“The first year we only had 200 people,” said Brooks Reynolds, CEO of the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival.

Now it’s now one of the hottest tickets in town.

It’s even hotter than a slice of bacon pizza or a bacon filled cream cheese Rangoon.

“He loves bacon and he had to come here for his birthday. This is his birthday present this year,” said Karen Dougherty, a Des Moines resident.

Inside the walls of the Varied Industries Building was bacon in just about any form you could imagine eating it.

“We had the pineapple bacon quesadilla,” Amelia Tuel, a Des Moines resident.

“We had some bacon chili with chocolate in that as well,” said Dougherty.

It cost people $35 dollars to get in, but most say when it comes to the tasty treat, they’ll open their pocket books.

“Since it was Tim’s birthday, I probably would have doubled the price,” Dougherty told Channel 13 News.

“I’d pay fifty to one hundred bucks if it came down to it,” said Mike Coughlin, a Des Moines resident.

Thankfully, a price change that drastic isn’t in the plans for future Bacon Festivals.

Organizers say expanding the event is.

“We’ll have to go back to the drawing board and maybe make this a multi-day event. People have embraced this festival and really latched on to it,” said Reynolds.

Those in charge want Bacon Festival to become Iowa’s premiere food event.

With 9,000 happy customers, the event is well on its way.