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GROCERY STORE: C-Fresh Sees Positive Opening

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It's a grocery store that caters to the different ethnic groups living in the area. The owner of the C-Fresh Market on 8th and University says this time this will be a store to last.

It’s been a long time coming for Simon Cotran's grocery store, which has struggled in the past, but he can finally say, “things are looking up.”

“Some lady came in with a tear and say she`s waited for this for a long time to see that happen here.”

The C-Fresh Market is an international market just north of downtown. Offering American foods as well as Asian and Mexican, shoppers say the store is perfect for this side of town.

“Very affordable, it`s a plus since it’s like 2 minutes away from my home,” commented Raenesha Luna.

Cotran says his store is starting off strong keeping everyone happy and healthy, “That way we want to stay low price as possible to make all the customers, community healthy by produce department."

Most of the groceries found in this store aren`t native to Iowa and that`s why costumers like it so much. It  reminds them of a taste of home.

“You don`t expect to find it around here in Iowa,” says shopper, Lisa Lo. “God, we say we wish we had something like this in our area.”

Lisa Lo from Laos and says having a store this close to her home will allow her to shop for things she normally can't find.

“Yes this is exciting, I’ve already picked up this, it’s like Japanese yam.”

The owner of the store says his goal is to keep prices low for families so stay on a budget, “But you know I’m really happy when I come in here and they spend whole cart ya know!”

The owner says he sees people from not only the neighborhood stop by but also from regulars outside the area, too.

C-Fresh market had its ribbon cutting ceremony on January 31st.