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ISSUE BREWING: Same Sex Marriage Discussed

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There's an hot button issue brewing inside one of Iowa’s political parties. Republicans are torn whether to embrace same sex marriage as a way to adapt to the changing views of voters or not.

"I think it was a little bold of A.J. Spiker to make that statement, yes,” says Gary Kirke of West Des Moines.

“It`s rather bold and rather incorrect I think,” says Co-owner of the Blazing Saddles' Bryan Smith.

Here’s what Republican Party Chair A.J. Spiker said on this weekend's Iowa Press.

"The party wants to be welcoming, we want to have people with a lot of different views who are part of the party, but they also need to understand that there is a gay marriage party in the state of Iowa and that is the Democratic Party, the Iowa Republican Party embraces one man and one woman marriage and embraces the right of the people to vote on the definition of marriage,” says Spiker.

However, Democratic Party Chair Tyler Olson says the law's already decided this issue.

“Iowa Democrats stand for equal protection under the law and equal rights and this is just another example of the Republican Party fighting battles that Iowa’s have long since settled,” says Olson.

A feeling those at the Blazing Saddle, a Des Moines gay bar, couldn't agree with more.

“I don`t understand why that is such an important topic, there are so many more things that are more important that they should be discussing,” says Tom Jeffrey of Iowa City.

But those leaving Saturday mass have other feelings towards the topic.

“I just feel as a human and not necessarily being a catholic, but just a human that it`s man and a woman in marriage,” says Ken Scarpino of Des Moines.

However, Iowa Republicans for Freedom have taken the stance the party needs to be more open or they will continue to lose votes.

Just last month, Mitt Romney's Iowa Strategist, David Kochel, openly supported same sex marriage saying times have changed.

“In my view we need to modernize our parties message and be a bigger party and grow our ability to talk to more voters in particular with young people,” says Kochel.

One longtime Republican mega donor advises his party, don't make this is a political issue, it's a personal choice.

“I don`t see the gay issue, as a Republican/Democrat issue there are some democrats I know that have opinions on gays and same with republicans,” says Gary Kirke of West Des Moines.

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