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I’ve loved barbecue since I was a little kid. Maybe it’s a St. Louis thing. Maybe it’s because my dad makes incredible barbecue. Dad’s not exactly what you call a patient man. Actually, that’s being kind. He just can’t stand around and wait to slow cook his meat to perfection. Good thing my brother, Jim, is. But Dad does put his time into making the sauce. And it shows. He doesn’t go hot and spicy. Our family’s all about sweet and tangy. Dad starts with plain-old, generic bbq sauce and adds tons of honey and dark brown sugar. Then, he tops it all off with anise. Must be the Englishman in him. I’ve never found anyone else’s sauce better. Probably never will.

I just read an article from National Geographic on “The 10 Best BBQ Joints in America”. No Iowa eatery made the list. The closest was Arthur Bryant’s in Kansas City. I haven’t been there in a while, but I do agree that had really good bbq. Where’s your favorite bbq place in Iowa? Woody’s, Jethro’s, Uncle Wendell’s, Hickory Park and Cactus Bob’s are probably among the favorites among my work crew. Obviously for us, it helps to be close to the station, so admittedly, that does limit us.

If Iowa had its own top 10 barbecue joints list, what places should be on it?