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RECORD STORM: Impact In Numbers

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(CNN) — A blizzard that resulted from two storms converging over the Northeast United States brought hurricane-force winds and record snowfall to some areas.

By the numbers, here is a look at the impact:

3 — NBA teams that had to change travel plans to New York City due to the blizzard.

4 to 5 inches per hour — The rate of snowfall in Connecticut.

6 — People killed due to the storms.

6 — States that declared an emergency.

40 inches — Snowfall in Hamden, Connecticut.

83 mph — Peak wind gust at Cuttyhunk Island, Massachusetts.

103 — Canceled ACT achievement test sites in eight states.

Up to $500 — Fine for driving on the streets in Rhode Island.

Chris Hassel winter storm

3,612 — Snow plows and other equipment in use in Massachusetts.

More than 5,000 — Flights canceled.

More than 659,000 — Customers who lost power in nine states.

More than 40 million — People affected by the storm in the U.S. Northeast.

ESPN’s Chris Hassel tweeted this picture of himself Saturday evening with the caption, “Being able to look outside is something I took for granted in Iowa.”

The former Channel 13 sports reporter helping to put the numbers in to perspective.