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HOME GROWN: “Hatchlings” Celebrates

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It's the world's largest Easter egg hunt.

1,500 eggs are all waiting to be found.

"This individual egg is a toucan, and I can go ahead and adopt him into my profile," said Brad Dwyer, the founder and CEO of Hatchlings.

It's a simple concept:  Find the eggs, share them with your friends.

"One of the coolest parts of the game is that you can make friendships with people across the world," said Dwyer.

Hatchlings was born in just one weekend in 2008 not in California's Silicon Valley, but on the computer of founder and CEO Brad Dwyer.

Dwyer created it while a student at Iowa State University.

"I was supposed to be studying for a computer science test. I was procrastinating from that and put it out on the internet," Dwyer told Channel 13 News.

Fast forward to the company's fifth anniversary.

Hatchlings has joined several other tech start-ups like Dwolla on Des Moines' “Silicon Sixth Avenue.”

"There is an awesome start-up scene going on and we're proud to be a part of it," said Dwyer.

3.8 million people play the game worldwide and it's fast expansion has forced Dwyer to hire people like graphic designers Lyndsay Clark and Karen Weiss.

"Design is becoming a crucial part of technology I have found,” said Weiss.

"We'd love to be even bigger than we are,” Dwyer said.

Hatchlings will get bigger.

The team of techies is working on a word game for cell phones and tablets while adding new eggs and ways to enjoy Hatchlings.

"It's a lot of fun to see people working so hard and building something so cool and being so passionate about it," Clark told Channel 13 News.

That passion continues to grow as entrepreneurs like Dwyer make their mark on the tech world from offices in central Iowa.