GUN CONTROL: Group Supports Changes

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A group of Iowans is pushing to get President Obama’s proposed gun policy changes made into law.

“We call upon our congressional representatives…and senators to listen carefully with an open mind to the president’s plan,” says Connie Ryan Terrell, Executive Director of the Interfaith Alliance of Iowa.

Among the gun safety advocates on hand Monday at the Statehouse was a member of the group One Million Moms 4 Gun Control. The group was created after the Sandy Hook school shooting that left 20 children dead.

A couple of Iowa parents who’ve lost children to gun violence also spoke.

Sixteen-year old Corey Hamilton was shot last October. His mother says she is now a supporter of universal background checks for gun owners.

“I’m not sure if increased legal requirement would have kept my son alive, what I’m hoping for is that these laws will prevent the chance that other moms or families will have to be impacted by one bullet from one gun and then wondering why,” says Tiffany Woods.

Obama’s proposal also includes limits on high capacity ammunition clips and a ban on assault weapons.