MURPHY’S LAW: Marble wakes up, Crazies cross the line, Where’s my dinner?

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By: John Sears

The Hawkeyes took care of business on Saturday beating Northwestern 71-57.  Hawks are now 15-9 overall.  Iowa likely needs to win 6 of their final 7 plus at least 1 in the BTT to have a chance at the NCAA tournament.  It’s possible.  Outside of the game AT Indiana, all are winnable.  Home games vs Minn, Illinois, Purdue and Nebraska, all winnable.  Road games at Penn State, Nebraska, and at Indiana.  2 out of 3 winnable, right?  It’s not likely the Hawks win 6 of 7, but it’s possible.  Saturday was a good start.

Devyn Marble finally shows up.  Marble was shooting below 20% the previous 5 games, awful.  21 points will help get out of a slump.  But we need to remember it was Northwestern, lets see how he does against Ill, Minn, Indiana, etc.

The Cyclones let one slip away at Kansas State.  Had Iowa State won they’d be in a tie for first, instead their now in a tie for 4th in the Big 12.  Certainly not a bad loss, but it would have been a great win.  ISU is still in the mix for a Big 12 title, they have to win all the games at Hilton.  I think they will.

Rebounding and turnovers.  Every Cyclone loss you can likely point to those two areas that cost them.  Saturday was the same.  Fix those and ISU will be a TOUGH out.

How crazy is college basketball?  4 of the top 5 teams all lost this week.  Who’s the favorite to win the national title?  It seems like we say this every year, but this year feels different.  I truly think we could see a 9 seed go to the final 4, everything is wide open.

cameron craziesDuke students showed a new ‘low’ level of class this week.  Playing NC State the Cameron Crazies started a chant aimed at Tyler Lewis, who lost his Grandma a few days earlier.  The students started chanting ‘How’s your Grandma?!!!‘  Awful.  Absolutely terrible.


The West Marshall wrestlers made a mistake.  Kids, remember, ANYTHING you post on the internet is there forever, FOREVER.  I don’t think they should be suspended for the state tournament.  Sit them down, talk to them about the message they’re sending, it’s not good sportsmanship, make them work a couple school functions, but don’t suspend them.  I’ve seen and heard far worse from other athletes AND parents.

My wife is 8+ months pregnant.  We’re down to the final weeks, and surprisingly we’re ready.  Crib, check.  Car seats, check.  Clothes, check.  Diapers, wipes, check.  Sleep……..Oh wait…

Sack-Lunch-viOn Friday I brought a sack dinner in to work.  I got too busy and wasn’t able to eat it.  I left it in the fridge at work figuring I would eat it on Saturday for lunch.  Saturday rolls around, I walk to the fridge and it’s gone.  So either someone stole my dinner/lunch or the cleaning crew threw it out.  It had a full pop, bags of chips and cookies, granola bar, an apple and a sandwich.  I demand answers….