SENATE SHOT: Interested But Reservations Remain

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Monday, Iowa Third District Republican Congressman Tom Latham confirmed his potential interest in running for Tom Harkin's U.S. Senate seat.

He also confirmed he is receiving pressure to announce he will campaign for the job. Latham said, "I've heard from a lot of old friends. I've heard from a lot of new friends in the past couple weeks. We're certainly looking at all options today."

Latham said he has many factors to consider in running for senate. He is 63 and has seniority in the house, where he has served since 1995. He would lose that seniority by moving to the senate, if he won the election. Latham also said he would have to get the support of his family for a statewide campaign.

Overall, Latham said it's a lot to consider. He said, "I don't really put any odds on it. We're looking at everything right now to see what is available. But again, I'm more focused, I'm much more focused on what's going on today."