TSA ARREST: Army Captain Caught With Gun In Luggage

For the second time this year TSA agents confiscated a gun from a passenger trying to board a plane at Des Moines International Airport. And it turns out, this isn’t the suspect’s first brush with the law.

Thirty-three-year old US Army Captain John Thompson of Fredericksburg, Virginia was charged after he told police he forgot this gun and 50-rounds of ammo was in his luggage. But as police continued to interview Thompson, they made another disturbing discovery.

Thompson and his live in girlfriend had been arrested back in September for allegedly trying to hire two people to kill his ex-wife. "Charged with conspiracy to commit a felony." Des Moines Police Sergeant Chris Scott says, "And the details of that were that he and his girlfriend tried to hire someone to kill his ex-wife."

In addition to criminal charges, Thompson will face civil fines from the TSA that could be in the thousands of dollars. We did ask Des Moines police whether Thompson was legally allowed to possess a gun, considering he was recently charged with trying to have his ex-wife killed. Police say there were no restrictions on whether he could have a gun.

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