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ATHLETIC TRAINERS: Students Keep Wrestlers Healthy

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A group of Iowa State University students are at State Wrestling Tournament to make sure the wrestlers are safe.

The students are studying athletic training and volunteer to work on the sidelines treating wrestlers who are injured in action.

Graduate Assistant Kayla Kleihauer oversees the 38 Iowa state students at Well Fargo Arena. She says they see a lot of joint injuries, shoulder and finger dislocations as well as knee injuries and concussions.

The students treat the injuries as soon as they happen to try and keep wrestlers healthy through the week.

They are also responsible for making the tough decision to pull a wrestler if the athlete poses a danger to himself or others in the tournament. Kleihauer says bleeding is always a big safety concern. If bleeding isn’t under control in five minutes, the match is ended.

The students say it’s an honor to work at the event. “The bulk of our students are from Iowa so they’ve been a part of this and they already know how big a deal wrestling is. Otherwise students that come in from other states see how big it is here and to be a part of that they really enjoy that,” Kleihauer explained.