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CEDAR LAKE: Water Conservation Still Needed

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The drought is affecting Iowans in different ways, from farmers whose crops failed to cities worried about their water supply.

That includes a central Iowa town. Cedar Lake is the main source for water for Winterset. The lake was half dry in December.

Recent rain and snow has caused the water level to rise eight inches, but the city is still buying water from a pipeline to supplement its supply.

While Winterset may be encouraged by some precipitation, the city still wants people to conserve as this is the main supply of water for the town.

“We’re cautious…again we’re asking people to conserve. At the same time we don’t want people to be panicky or anything like that, because we’re not at that point,” says Dave LaGrange, Chair of the Winterset Utilities Board.

Winterset leaders will be in Des Moines Thursday to see if the state can help with Cedar Lake, but not because of the drought.

They want help dredging the lake and repairing the dam. That’s expected to cost $15 million.