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PRIME TIME: Premiere For ‘Salvage’ Show

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A Des Moines business will be featured on national TV Thursday night and it could join in the success of other Iowa-based TV shows like American Pickers.

Last year we introduced you to Don Short and Hal Davis and their business, West End Architectural Salvage.

At the time, they were being followed by an LA TV production crew, and now that series is ready to air.

The business is centered around taking things most people would throw away, re-working it, and turning it into something of value. They call it “up-cycling” and it is part of a larger trend on home improvement shows.

The show`s 13 episodes were filmed over the course of 49 days from September to November 2012.

West End Architectural Salvage debuts Thursday night on HGTV at 7:00 p.m.

During the Channel 13 News at Ten Thursday, Andy Fales will share an exclusive interview with the stars of the show from behind the scenes.