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REALITY TV: West End Salvage Ready For Stardom

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The wait is over...West End Salvage will never be the same...Not that it ever was.

“Our show is not a serious how-to show…it’s funny," said owner, Don Short. "We think it’s funny.  But then I always think I’m funny.”

HGTV agreed, and that’s one reason why Don Short and his fascinating business now have their own show.

“All they’re saying from California is ‘get ready for the ride!’” laughed designer, Hal Davis, the show's other featured personality.

Each week, Americans will see the West End crew doing what they do…uncovering old things and making them new again…

“You know, I think the uniqueness of what we do is something you’re not seeing on TV, right now,” Davis said. “I think the big following will be that people see where a piece came from, there’s a little bit of history about what that piece is.

"They see how that piece travels through the store, gets recreated into something more functional and then how you can actually use it in an in-state.”

And then, they’re going to want one of their own…and there lies the imminent dilemma.

How will a place known for "one-of-a-kind" make more than one?

Short isn't sure.

“If you have 20 people call and say 'Hey I want that piece on that show,' we're going to have to figure out a way to handle that...and I don't know if we can.”

Viewers will want the custom pieces and they’ll revel in West End’s four stories of treasure.  But the producers are betting that it will be the personalities that truly sell the show.

“You know, (we) don’t really take what (we) do as TV worthy," Short said, "but there are a lot of things on TV that aren’t very good, so we could be just as bad!”

The shooting is finished and the pilot has run…so we can only wait and see…

Will it be the people or the products that are the bigger hit?

Watch them struggle under an avalanche of new business!

And…tune in to hear Don explain how he plans to deal with life as a TV star!

“On every block, there are 40 old bald guys, and I’m just going to blend right in.”

That’s each week on West End Salvage. Where things were NEVER the same, and likely never will be again.