MORNING BUZZ: Stepping Down, Merger and St. Valentine’s Day

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Good morning!

I promise to be a little faster with the Valentine’s Day post.

Stepping Down

In Centerville, they hired a guy who is a convicted sex offender as the interim City Manager.  The Mayor says Kevin Stocker didn’t do anything illegal by not telling the city about his past before he was hired.  He also said he’s sorry to see the guy resign!  Mayor Jim Senior says he feels like someone has it our for this guy.

Now I suppose that may be.  Everyone deserves a second chance and you’d like to think this was some misunderstanding that landed this guy with the sex offender title…  Even if all of that is true, a second chance doesn’t mean you get EVERYTHING back in your life.

Blade Runner

Oscar Pistorius was arrested this morning and charged with the murder of his girlfriend.  Initial reports say she was shot multiple times.  Initial reports also say Pistorius thought she was an intruder.  We also know from reporting in SA locally that there have been calls in the past to Pistorius’ home for domestic issues.  This story isn’t good at the start…no way it turns out well for anyone.


Big news in travel this morning as American and US Air will merge.  The resulting airline will be the largest in the US.  Initially there won’t be a bump in prices but experts say, especially business travelers will see an increase in costs in the coming months.

Here in Des Moines it could actually mean some good news.  We don’t have service to Miami, or Philadelphia for instance.  When airlines merge like this they re-evaluate routes, especially the small ones.   Des Moines has been doing a good job adding to passenger levels each year.  That always bodes well for your chances to keep or expand routes.


I can’t imagine what it would be like on the Carnival Cruise ship adrift out in the Gulf of Mexico.  What a NIGHTMARE.  This is why we generally stay away from cruises as an option for vacation.  A lot of people like them and to each his/her own but unless it was an ultra-luxury company going somewhere like Alaska where the point of the cruise is sailing into areas you wouldn’t otherwise see…I think I’ll take a deck chair by the pool instead.

Valentine’s Day

So we asked what your worst Valentine’s day gift ever was.  We got a lot of interesting answers on Facebook.  Unexpected might be a better way to describe the list of responses.  I’m not much for gifts on Valentine’s Day.  Sally usually gets me something fun and thoughtful.  I try my best to reciprocate.

With the arrival of kids, our romantic dinner turns into a lunch date instead.  Some of the focus also turns to the boys.  We got them a dozen heart-shaped mylar balloons last night.  They couldn’t be happier.  That brings both Sally and I a lot of joy.  I’m of the opinion that most of these Valentine’s gifts could be better given and more appreciated on random days through the year.

Valentine’s II

Ariellle did a little trivia on our bad luck in the weather department on  Valentine’s Day.  She highlighted 1990 as a particularly bad winter weather event but she also told us five of the last ten Valentine’s Days it snowed and seven of the last ten it was either rain or snow.  Under an inch of snow here tonight but that’s a far cry from the 50’s we experienced yesterday.

….On a Valentine’s side note…Do you know where St Valentine is actually buried?  The answer surprised me.  I’ll see if you can guess.

Have a good one