MORNING BUZZ: Chase, Meteor, and 4th Birthday

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Good Morning…

Sometimes we struggle to fill the two hours of news. This morning we had more than we could fit into every half hour.  Overnight news here in town along with some national and international news from late Thursday and early this morning dominated our show…so lets get to it.


A chase that reached speeds of 140mph,  went through Clive, down I-35 and on to Highway 5…all the way to Knoxville and back toward Des Moines before the guy running hit an Indianola Squad car and crashed.  The crash scene was remarkable.  The Police cruiser was obliterated…the force of the crash knocked the engine block hundreds of feet down the road. When Police finally got to the car, the driver was dead and they found a kid in a car seat in the back.  Paramedics took the child to a hospital.  We aren’t sure of his/her condition.  Scary.


One of the coolest things I’ve seen in a long time is the meteor coming down on the Urals region of Russia this morning.  If you haven’t seen the video, or you’ve seen the video but would like a better explanation of what happened and why…here’s a video from The UK Telegraph site.

Close Call

This all upstaged the Asteroid that’s passing close to the earth this morning.  It won’t get closer than about 17,000 miles from the Earth’s surface but that’s a lot closer than you might think. The Asteroid will pass inside our ring of geosynchronous satellites.  Here’s a computer generated animation of the fly by.

Here’s the video explaining the Asteroid from NASA


Hearing from passengers of the Carnival Cruise ship that became disabled in the Gulf was interesting.  They finally got off the ship late last night.  We hear about this stuff and think how horrible it sounds, but we ran sound from one guy who actually said most everyone was pretty cool considering the circumstances.  Carnival tried to apologize but would that be enough for you to get back on one of their cruises?  A friend of mine texted me this morning to say the stuff you sign before you go on one of these cruises limits the liability of the Cruise line so much that these passengers are actually getting more than the Company is legally obligated to give them.  Give me a chair by the pool any day.

Birthday Weekend

This weekend our boys turn Four.


Can you believe it.  I can’t .  We’re having a small party at the Science Center with a couple of their friends this weekend.  Nothing big.

Grandpa and Auntie Kiki are coming to town to celebrate.  They’ll be well-remembered.  These boys continue to produce the funniest and most joyous parts of our days as well as the most frustrating.  I’m sure they’d say the same thing about us.

The highlight of their birthday for me will be their first real set of golf clubs.  OK, they’re not “real” they’re miniature clubs…but they’ll get the real feel of hitting an actual golf ball.  I hope they like them.

Have a great day!