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WRESTLING SUPPORT: Lawmakers Band Together

Olympic trials wrestling

Iowa’s full congressional delegation has sent a letter to International Olympic Committee president Jaques Rogge urging the IOC to preserve wrestling as part of the Olympics.

Last week the committee’s executive board recommended dropping the sport for the 2020 summer games.

Gov. Terry Branstad, Lt. Gov. Reynolds, senators Chuck Grassley and Tom Harkin, and representatives Tom Latham, Steve King, Dave Loebsack and Bruce Braley all signed off on the letter that says Iowa is a state with a rich wrestling tradition and, “We strongly urge the IOC to reconsider its position, and vote to ensure wrestling`s continued existence in the 2020 summer Olympic Games.”

The letter goes on to say, “Iowa is not the sole beneficiary of these traits and wrestling`s reach goes well beyond the United States. Wrestling federations exist in approximately 180 countries and the recent London Olympic Games had wrestlers from 71 countries.”


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