HEALTH GAMBLE: Beating The Odds

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Kurt and Patty Robinson have been married for 25 years and they do everything together.

“Kinda asked Kurt if he wanted to go to it and he said sure lets go, so that`s why we`re here getting checked out,” says Patty Robinson.

Sunday they waited in line to see if they are at risk of heart disease or stroke.

Both diseases hit close to home and after their family friend suffered a stroke they knew they had to do something.

At the Beat The Odds Health Fair at Prairie Meadows they’re taking their health issues seriously. New technology that checks for plaque buildup, is giving the Robinson family peace of mind.

Iowa Heart Center cardiologist, Dr. Eric Martin says, “’I think knowing what your risk are makes it even easier for them to prevent heart disease and stroke and diabetes for that matter in the future.”

Both Kurt and Patty’s results came back fine and they say they will continue their healthy lifestyles.

Patty says rather than taking medicine she’s prefer preventative methods.