EMERGENCY RESPONSE: Technology Demonstration

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The Iowa Department of Public safety is showing off some futuristic technology Tuesday.

A simulated severe weather event and a major crash are being simulated in order to demonstrate new emergency response communication tools that are being implemented in Iowa within the next few years.

The DPS says the technology will allow police, fire, and EMS crews to transmit helpful information during emergency situations. Police will be able to live stream video from their vehicles during a chase or while responding to accidents. Fire crews will be able to quickly locate and navigate to fires using a high speed mapping program. Patient condition information can be sent wirelessly from paramedics to hospitals so medical treatment plans can be prepared before a patient arrives.

The systems will rely on a statewide broadband system dedicated to public safety services. Research and planning for the system is still underway.

The demonstration is being held at the Oran Pape State Office Building at 215 E. 7th St. in Des Moines at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday.