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The deadline is almost here for students to file for college financial aid.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, is a requirement to qualify for most types of financial aid for college. The application takes a financial snapshot of a family as a way for colleges to determine who should get aid or scholarships.

It’s tied to your tax return, but you don’t have to have your taxes completed to apply. You can use last year’s numbers or an estimate.

Heather Doe of Iowa College Aid says the process is not complicated.

“We hear of a lot of people being intimidated about the FAFSA, but really there’s been a lot of simplification in it over the last few years. The average length of time to fill out a FAFSA is under half an hour,” says Doe.

The deadline to complete the FAFSA for many colleges and universities is March 1st.

You can learn more about FAFSA or complete your application here.