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MORNING BUZZ: Gateway, and Birthday Party

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Good Morning!

boys 4Four years ago this morning I was just getting my arms (literally and figuratively) around being a parent.  Our boys turn four today.  At times it feels like it was yesterday…at times it feels like its been 40 years not four.  We had a great time over the weekend with a few of their friends at the Science Center.  Everyone was excited to see Sue the T-rex.  JT wanted some assurances the t-rex was not real before we went in.

We had a family party Sunday night at our house where the boys continued to haul in an absurd amount of birthday loot. I’m liking the four-year old toys a lot.  They got a big tub of Lincoln Logs.  I’m fired up about that.  They also got more cookies and cake than we could eat in a month.  Some of that will come to work with me so the newsroom locusts can devour it.

On to the News:


So I hear the District’s argument that Gateway School was created when there weren’t IB schools around the district.  Now that there are other IB programs in neighborhood schools, the District argues, the Downtown option should be cut.  I can’t say I know the numbers…or whether this is the responsible thing to do.  It would seem to me that this is a way for the District to silence any potential criticism of what would appear to be a bunch of rich kids in what amount to a private school setting.  The thing that some people don’t know about Downtown school and Gateway is that the program goes out of its way to try to get students of all backgrounds and from all parts of the city.  There’s nothing exclusive about it…but you have to apply and you have to participate.  Gateway shouldn’t be punished for being a success.  I’ve said here before.  Keep your promise to the kids who are already there…eliminate a grade at a time over the next four years and be done.


The White House “leaked” its version of immigration reform.  To what end?  Who knows.  If the President is trying to exert some kind of influence on the process…he should stop.  This may be the one thing they can agree on in Washington.  Then again, maybe he doesn’t want Republicans to agree.  The black hat must look pretty good on the GOP from where he sits.  It would be too bad if politics got in the way of finding a solution for one of the real problems in this country.

Online Gaming

An article I read this morning lists Iowa and one of the places where they’re considering online gambling as a revenue source.  I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts after you read this article.  I was just considering online gaming…as in Casino gaming.  I am not sure how I feel about gambling with Facebook apps.


Finally as a Chicago sports fan I have something to cheer about!  The Blackhawks may be the best hockey team I’ve ever seen.  I know no one cares about hockey around here but I really love to watch these guys…Lord knows the spring and summer won’t bring anything to cheer about on the North Side of the City.


Have a good one