PURPLE CHERRY: Rare Find In Marshalltown

Gas prices around the country continue to rise, but the price won’t be the first thing you notice at one unique Marshalltown gas station.

The Purple Cherry is no ordinary gas station. The posts resemble trees and the gas pumps are purple.

"We wanted to be known for putting a little class in gas, so we dazzled it up a little bit, painted them to match our building bright green and purple,” says Amanda DeVaul.

Amanda and Andy DeVaul moved their frozen yogurt shop from another location because they needed parking space. The spot was an old full service gas station, so they kept it that way and added pumps.

The Purple Cherry works like an old time gas station and drive-in, the workers actually top off the tanks for customers.

"We've taken cones out to them we have people place orders...’Hey I'm coming for a fill up, I’d like three tender loins brought out to me.’ We’ve done donuts...they tell us at the car what they want,” says Amanda DeVaul.

The DeVauls have been selling frozen yogurt for a couple of years but more and more competition caused them to launch the gas station that stands out.

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