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A Des Moines school will soon be in the history books. The school board decided to shut it down for good. "Doesn't make any sense whatsoever to close the school," says 12 year old student Cameron Clark, "There are no good reasons for it. It's just plain stupid."

It's a decision that left some parents and students at Gateway Middle School in tears. By a close, four to three vote, the Des Moines City School Board decided to close the school. Board members who opposed the decision said, there's no reason for it. Those who backed the move say, there’s no sense spending money supporting a school that only serves a relatively small student body.

"And you know we talk about all these dollars now." Board member Connie Bosen said, "All the sudden the district finally has money. Thank goodness we aren't finally in a crunch. But I say before we have a program that's duplicative to what we can offer in the middle schools, I'd like to fill like 15-positions of teachers that are still from our arts, PE, and music that are traveling between schools."

About 170-students will be affected by the decision. The school is slated to close after the 2013-2014 academic year.