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SNOW PREPARATIONS: Greenfield Storm Ready

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People all over the state have their eyes on the forecast, especially in Greenfield where they are expecting 12 inches of snow on Thursday.

City crews spent Tuesday getting ready: loading the trucks with sand, securing the plows, and checking the batteries.  With only 2 trucks and 5 crew members, the public works director says in order to get everything done efficiently they need a plan.

“We have the route set. That way we won’t have to back track a lot. And we do it in one pass,” said Lee Wright the Greenfield Public Works Director, “We run one truck behind the other one, that way we can do the center of the street and the curb at the same time.”

People who work in town say whatever city crews do, it works. Shops typically stay open despite the snow, and they expect the same for Thursday.

“They’re out first thing keeping the roads clear, the dot guys are just outside of town here, they take care of the highways, we got the city guys we got the county guys out. They all work super hard to keep everything clear,” said Ryan Wissler, a NAPA Auto Parts employee.

People living out of town, however, on gravel roads, said if the forecasted 12 inches does come their way, they could be snowed in for days.

“Usually here it drifts down by the stop signs so if it gets blowing pretty well we usually get stuck in,” said James Carroll of Greenfield.