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AGRIBUSINESS: Vilsack, Johanns Not Interested In Senate

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Two Former Secretaries of Agriculture gave indication this week that the United States Senate is not in their future.

Former Iowa Governor and current U.S. secretary of agriculture, Tom Vilsack says he will not run for the senate seat that will be vacated by Tom Harkin in 2014.

Senator Mike Johanns from Nebraska has decided not to run for a second term.  Johanns served as Nebraska governor and as Ag Secretary under George W. Bush.

Both men are sixty two years old with almost identical public service backgrounds.  Both give the indication that the U.S. Senate is not where they wish to direct their efforts.

Vilsack is expected to serve in his current capacity for the remainder of the second term of President Obama.

Senator Johanns said he and his wife wish to have "quieter times".