DEMOLITION PLAN: Old Hospital Being Torn Down

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The former Des Moines Hospital building has stood along Interstate 235 on Des Moines’ east side for decades, but it will soon be torn down.

The structure is now known as the Iowa Building and demolition will begin next summer.

“The most efficient use of tax dollars would be to demolish the building,” says Caleb Hunter with the Department of Administrative Services.

The building has 32 different roof elevations and many are leaking. The demolition will cost $2 million and the state now spends $1 million a year just to operate the building.

Three firms consulted with the state and concluded it would be most efficient to tear it down

“It was built as a hospital, not an office space. It’s estimated to cost $15 million to renovate it into habitable office space,” says Hunter.

Three state agencies currently work in the building.

The state plans to turn the area into a green space.