ERIN OFF CAMERA: I Wonder If We Should?

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All anyone is talking about is the weather.  I get it.  But this is Iowa, people.  It’s been worse, and this too shall pass.

Did you see Andy’s story last night?  If you’re an animal lover and you missed it, take a look.

As soon as we entered the commercial break I pulled up the AHeinz57 website and immediately started oooohing and ahhhhhhing.  Michael and I would love to have a dog.  We haven’t gotten one because we don’t have a fenced in yard and because I am convinced that our crazy old cat will keel over and die if we bring another animal into the house.  Today I received an email from Karen – a volunteer with AHeinz57.  She told me about the puppy she is fostering right now.  She wrote that she thinks this puppy would be good with my cat because she has cats and everyone seems to be getting along fine.  She also wrote that the puppy is crate trained and house trained.  Against my better judgement I clicked the link and found myself staring into one of the adorable faces I’d been looking at last night during the news!  I think I might be on the verge of doing something crazy.  I want to meet this puppy.  Thoughts?

I spoke to a great group today – the Association for Women in Communications.  The attendees had a lot of wonderful questions about TV and we had a nice visit.  One highlight – the member who thanked me for being brunette.  Hilarious.

Our Keurig coffee maker died last week.  In my house, this is a crisis.  I do not like coffee or enjoy coffee, I NEED coffee.  Michael bought a replacement yesterday and the new-fangled version is so high-tech and fancy I feel like I need an engineering degree to use it.  Makes a good cup of Joe, though!