MORNING BUZZ: Equity, Dignity and a Good Night

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Good Morning.

The only thing people really want to know about today is the approaching winter weather.  We got a good look at what the storm is doing in Arizona and Kansas.  Jeriann and Arielle upped totals to more than 9 inches this morning.  It’s going to be a good snow.  The difference in the forecast is that it sounds like the system is slowing down.  So tomorrow afternoon and the evening commute look to be a mess.  Friday morning we could see closings


The bottom line on this decision seems to be…we can’t have a school that performs at this high a level.  It makes our other schools look bad.  Instead of recruiting kids from at-risk neighborhoods to Gateway so they can diversify the benefits of the success, instead of saying, our other schools should look at the parental involvement at Gateway and make it a model for their own building, instead of celebrating the success, we make it a matter of “equity”.  When is education going to try to make all schools live up to BEST practices instead of lowering standards to make sure everyone can meet them?  I also found it interesting that one reason articulated for closing this school was to hire more (union) teachers.  


It makes sense to change the HIV/AIDS law…Today you can live with HIV…even to the point that some patients report no viral load at all.  If you practice safe sex, you SHOULD be open with partners, but the State shouldn’t be jailing people just for having HIV and having a life.  


Anyone who thinks the idea of another casino in Central Iowa is a good idea may not have thought it all the way thorough.  If you live in Polk County you probably don’t think it’s a good idea.  This isn’t a matter of demand for more gambling.  This is about people being mad that Prairie Meadows and through it, Polk County, get all the revenue from Gambling here in Central Iowa.  Even if you live in Warren County, you benefit from the money that flows from Prairie Meadows.  If you vote for this would you also advocate the money go toward Metro attractions like the Zoo, Civic Center or Science Center?  I would be surprised if revenue from a new casino went anywhere but a private developer’s pocket.  We’ll see.  


Speaker Boehner is tweeting like mad this morning!  He keeps asking The White House, Why don’t you get the Senate to vote on SOMETHING?  ANYTHING?  It’s a good point.  The Republicans have passed their own alternative to the Sequester.  Why hasn’t the Senate?  Pass what you think will be a good alternative and defend it.  If the White House says it has a plan…which the President did several times this week…then get it to the chamber of Congress you control and pass the thing!  It calls into question how serious the White House and Democrats are about an alternative to sequester.   They know more people will blame Republicans if it happens.  This may be the winning argument Republicans haven’t been making.

Good Night

I could only stay up to watch the first half of the Mizzou basketball game vs Florida last night.  My Tigers needed a good win and they pulled one out at home last night.  I was flipping back and forth between that and the Blackhawks game vs Vancouver.  I am a novice hockey fan at best but these guys are so much fun to watch skate!  So far it’s been a good late winter for sports in our house.

I hope you have a good day.  Get ready for that snow!