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MURPHY’S LAW: New Guy Starts, One-Liners Begin

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The new guy started today. His name is Michael Admire, and we’re excited he’s joining our team. Michael arrives from KOAM in the Joplin/Pittsburg market. He graduated from Pittsburg State, and considers himself a gorilla for life. In this case, I think that’s a good thing. Michael’s good with a camera, clever with a story, and likable from the jump. He’s also a good sport.

On our radio show, Murph & Andy, we mentioned Michael had started his first day. People got curious, and didn’t want to wait for what we like to call high-definition video, so they asked to see a picture. A reasonable request. Now here’s how Michael looks in a professional photograph:


However, this isn’t the first picture producer Andrew Downs found with the help of our friends at Google. Andrew is a busy man from 2 to 4 p.m., and he does a great job with all of our off the wall, no-warning requests. Here’s the photo of Michael that Andrew put on the Murph & Andy twitter feed (@MURPHnANDY):


Nice picture, right? Michael didn’t send it to us, or ask us to post it. Turns out it’s from his college graduation invitation a couple of years ago. Well, immediately our listeners saw an opportunity for fun. All of it good-natured. Among the tweets and emailed one-liners:

-Someone went to Glamour Shots!

-I’m no longer listening to anything you two are saying. I’m lost in Michael’s eyes.

-What country album is this cover from?

-Did Tana bedazzle those jeans?

-Interesting move to hire┬áHassel’s younger brother.

-Is he single?

-He looks like one of the Baldwin brothers.

-Welcome Emilio Estevez.

-Would have guessed fashion editor, not sports reporter.

-Guy looks like a better version of Hassel.

-Looks like a guy who walks into a bar and orders a cranberry juice.

-Did he get those jeans at Meskwaki?

-When did Lance Bass do sports?


-1, 2, 3, 4 I declare a thumb war.

-The Des Moines ladies will love the runway lights (on his jeans)…

and maybe most importantly, “Don’t listen to them! Welcome to the 515.”

Michael then called into the radio show, at our request, with no warning, and played it perfectly. He took no offense, and even found all the new guy “hazing” both welcoming and flattering. Later on twitter, he thanked everyone for the laughs. (If you’re on Twitter, you can follow Michael at @Admire_OnAir) Michael is going to fit right in.

He’s our new sports reporter and anchor. I’m happy to see John Sears promoted to weekend anchor. He deserves it, and he’s earned it. ┬áMichael will see in John a guy who works hard, treats people well, and loves life. That’s a good guy to learn from.

Tonight after the 10 p.m. newscast, we watched Chris on ESPN. It was a nice moment. I again felt so proud of Chris. It’s easy to see he was ready for this big move. He’ll be a star. I also realized we’re going to be fine too. Won’t be the same. It will be something different. But I’m excited.

John and Michael are always looking for good stories. You can email ideas to them at these addresses: and

Don’t forget to tell Michael what you think of his glamour shot…