AGRIBUSINESS: President Urged Not To Cut Food for Peace

There are rumors circulating that the Obama Administration’s draft budget for fiscal year 2014 would eliminate the food aid programs that provide U.S. commodities in low-income countries and replace them with a smaller program to provide money to buy commodities on the international markets.

A group of Senators - led by Ag Appropriations Subcommittee Chair Mark Pryor of Arkansas and Subcommittee Ranking Member Roy Blunt - as well as Committee Chair Debbie Stabenow and Ranking Member That Cochran - is urging the President to maintain funding for the Food for Peace program.

A letter signed by 21 Senators shows support for USDA’s work in the area of meeting humanitarian food needs in foreign countries with the donation of U.S. ag commodities.

The Senators state that Food for Peace provides economic benefits at home - stimulating our farm and transportation industries. During this time of economic distress - the letter continues - we should maintain support for the areas of the economy that are growing.

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