POT CASE: Man Guilty Of Growing 550 Plants

Drug Bust

The case took two years, now Timothy Lantz could face up to 40 years in federal prison.

In court Thursday, Lantz plead guilty to growing 550 marijuana plants at his 7323 Longboat Drive home in Johnston.

Although US law mandates a minimum of 5 years, according to the Des Moines Register, Lantz plea agreement could mean a prison term of 18-24 months due to a lack of criminal history and compliance in the case.

A decision will be made on May 31st.

The case dates back to a September 2012 raid following an unpaid bill in November of 2010 on a storage locker that housed 40 Harvest Pro 600 watt inverters, approximately 75 plastic swimming pools, two 110 gallon plastic containers and 500 plastic pots.

A manager entered the storage unit and alerted the Polk County narcotics team of the contents.

A detective linked the name on the storage unit to a Facebook page showing a man holding marijuana plants.  Police then tracked Lantz to the house at 7212 Longboat Drive in Johnston.

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