FULL CIRCLE: Jefferson Man Thanks Hospital

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It was a meeting a year in the making.

“Hi, Everett, I’m Jen.  I`m one of the nurses who flew you in,” said Flight Nurse Jen Randall.

Last year, 57-year-old Everett Beebe of Jefferson was driving when he went into full cardiac arrest and his heart stopped beating.

“EMS picked him up and took him to Jefferson hospital there and they had to shock him, the EMS had to shock him to bring him back,” says Randall.

Everett was taken by helicopter to Mercy Medical Center.

Sunday marked the one year anniversary of his visit.

Beebe and his family stopped by to say thank you the people who saved his life.

Beebe had 99 percent blockage in an artery, but 5 stints later he is fully recovered.

“It`s just a miracle, it`s great,” says Randall.

The group visited the Cardiac ICU to meet the nurse who cared for Beebe when he was first brought in.

“Is this Everett, it is, how are you doing,” says Mercy Charge Nurse Becky Vaught.

Meeting the crew, nurses and staff that helped in Beebe's recovery was important for the entire family, especially Beebe’s wife, Bert, who was in the car when he had his heart attack.

“It`s been a really tough year for me it really has,” says Bert Beebe.

The family finished on the hospitals helicopter pad where it all began.

To come full circle and finish a journey for a man who couldn't be more thankful.

“Seeing the people up on 9th floor, I remember seeing faces now when I woke up being able to see them a year later, it’s great,” says Beebe.

“We all needed this more than anything,” says Bert Beebe.

Beebe was able to go back to work this summer.  However, he says his heart attack taught him to enjoy the little things, especially the time he gets to spend with his family.