RACING SAFETY: Local Reaction To Crash

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In June, 30,000 fans will pack the Iowa Speedway for Nationwide and IndyCar Series races.

Fans like Edwin Cox and Dean Greathouse have been watching races in Newton since the track opened in 2006.

"I'm a season ticket holder here so I come to all the races," said Greathouse.

"I come to a couple, at least two or three a year," Cox said.

On the track have been plenty of big accidents, but to date, no fans have been injured as a result.

Craig Armstrong, Communications Director for the Iowa Speedway says a lot goes in to keeping it that way.

"Our protocols demand we look at every single system we have. We look at every safety system and every seating system to make sure that everything is in place," said Armstrong.

Safety features at the speedway include a catch fence that's height exceeds NASCAR standards, ten feet between front row seats and the action, and a SAFER barrier all the way around the track.

"We’re the only race track in the world to have that," Armstrong told Channel 13 News.

These features don't guarantee total safety, but Armstrong says every sport provides some risk for spectators.

"I don’t care what sport or entertainment facility you're in, there's always something that is potentially a hazard," said Armstrong

Cox and Greathouse say they feel safe at Iowa Speedway.

Cox has no plans to sit higher up and Greathouse won't be catching the Iowa Corn 250 from his couch.

"If you want to really experience NASCAR, you need to sit a little closer," said Cox.

"If they're going to put you in a bullet-proof box, you might as well be at home watching it on TV,” Greathouse told Channel 13 News.