MURPHY’S LAW: Hit Man turns 32, Hawkeye collapse, Yo Gabba What the #$%?

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By: John Sears

My favorite Iowa football player of all-time turned 32 today, Bob Sanders, aka the ‘Hit Man.’  He’s 9 months older than me.  I was in school at Iowa the same time Sanders was de-cleating opponents.  My buddy and I made t-shirts that read ‘The Bob Sanders Hit Club.’  His real name is Demond, by the way.  Sanders was a stud, one of the architects in turning the Iowa football program when Kirk Ferentz arrived.  I will never forget some of the hits Sanders laid on guys.  He would knock people out.  With his reckless style of play I’m not surprised his NFL career was cut short due to injuries.  But man, what a career.  All-American, NFL Defensive player of the year, Super Bowl Champ.  I still have my ‘Bob Sanders Hit Club’ shirt, and still wear it.  If you need a fix of some Sanders highlights, here you go.  sanders

What a choke job by the Hawkeyes in Lincoln.  Fran said he felt sick, heck I felt sick.  It’s one thing to lose to Nebraska, but to lose when you lead by as many as 19, and to lose on a last second three.  Ugghhhh, what a disappointment.  Iowa WAS on the bubble of the NCAA tournament, that bubble has burst.  Their only chance now is to win the Big 10 tournament, and unfortunately I don’t see that happening.

Hilton Coliseum will be rocking on Monday night.  9th ranked Kansas in town, revenge wanted, the table is set for an unbelievable atmosphere.  Hilton is one of the most underrated arenas in the country and Monday it will be in full force.  I think the Cyclones win, as I’ve said all year I don’t think they will lose at home this season.  So far so good.

The crash at the Nationwide race at Daytona was downright scary.  I can’t imagine sitting in those front seats and being pelted with debris.  I know some of the thrill for Nascar fans is being so close to the cars you can feel the heat on your face, but more safety precautions need to be taken.  We don’t need a fan dying at a Nascar event.

Argo won best picture.  I agree.  It was really good, and it was the only nominated movie I actually saw.  Tell me again how Ben Affleck doesn’t even get nominated for best director?

My daughter LOVES cartoons.  Loves them.  Dora the Explorer, Team Umizoomi, FreshYo gabb gabba Beat Band, she loves them.  But there’s one cartoon that’s just odd.  It’s called ‘Yo Gabba Gabba.  I don’t even know how to explain it.  Here’s an example of an episode.  It’s just weird.  And, I don’t know how much they’re paying ‘DJ Lance Rock,’ but I hope it’s a lot.