TECHEL TRIAL: Alleged Mistress In Court

The state continued presenting its case against the Wapello County man accused of killing his pregnant wife.

Prosecutors say Seth Techel was having an affair and that gave him the motive to kill his wife and their unborn child.

Techel met the woman he's accused of having an affair with, at work.  Over the course of five months, that woman says they fell in love.  In court Monday, she took the stand.

“It went from just normal conversations to flirtatious text messages,” Rachel McFarland told the court. “It became more sexual- asking me to send pictures.”

Mcfarland told the jury Techel used a fake email name and pre-paid cell phone to contact her so her boyfriend at the time and his wife wouldn’t find out about their affair.

According to McFarland, Techel was going to ask his pregnant wife for a divorce, “He wanted to be with me and his relationship with his wife wasn’t working.”

Then just days before the murder, McFarland says Techel didn’t want her talking to other men. “He would get angry, jealous. That’s the point when he told me just to give him two more weeks,” she said.

Techel’s defense team offered another explanation; he was starting a new job in two weeks. His attorney downplayed the relationship.

“You’ve never had your clothes off when you were with him?” They asked. Mcfarland answered, “No.”

McFarland says despite that, the affair was physical, “he I mean, wanted to be with me.  He kissed me, he touched me,” she said.

Prosecutors say that is motive for murder.

Court will resume Tuesday, the jury will hear from some of the crime scene investigators.

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