Erin Off Camera

Geez Louise!

Some people are being really nasty about this weather event.  I’ve always said you couldn’t pay me enough to do what Ed, Jeriann, Megan, Brett and Arielle do for a living.  Those of us on the news side of things are lucky – we just tell people what’s already happened, or what’s currently on an agenda, we don’t have to predict anything.

I realize it’s frustrating when your life is sent into a tailspin because of severe weather, but believe me – our people want nothing more than to give you a perfect forecast and help you navigate what Mother Nature is throwing our way.  Please at least try to be civil if you must offer up your criticism of what is a very challenging job.

And, if you want to have a lot of fun (and maybe even get over yourself and not take yourself so seriously) … check out an event hosted by some wonderful Drake students this weekend! 

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