MORNING BUZZ: Robbed,Preservation and an Earfull

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Good Morning!

So I am going to need the snowblower before I go back to work this morning.  It’s Winter…and it’s Iowa…


I begin by expressing my shared outrage with Cyclone fans.  The last minute of that game should not have been decided by the refs and that’s exactly what happened.  If you argue the no-call on the charge was correct, then a no call on the secondary holding would have been appropriate as well.  If you’re going to let em play in the final seconds…let em play.  I also welcome Cyclone fans to the growing fraternity of people who don’t like Kansas basketball that much.

I actually WAS a KU fan for a while.  My sister and my brother both went to KU.  My affinity for the team probably had more to do with the fact that I looked up to my siblings.  I also liked blue, and it didn’t hurt that Danny Manning won the 88 Championship, validating my advice to my 8th grade homeroom teacher that he pick a dark horse to win the NCAA tournament.  He shared his winnings from the teacher’s pool which was more money than I’d seen…you know…ever.  I digress.

As a Missouri fan I miss having a good rivalry with Kansas Basketball so I will live vicariously through ISU fans instead.  Join us, won’t you, in our mutual loathing for Bill Self and the “Beaks”.


I love history…I do…but I am unclear as to why one of a few thousand homes needs to be saved instead of bulldozed in Des Moines.  If the legal owner of the home followed the law and did everything they were supposed to do, it’s not the City’s job to alert preservationists.  I would have loved it if the first settlers to Des Moines had the foresight to preserve some of their early dwellings…they didn’t…they moved on.

Of course significant architecture should be preserved, historic buildings shouldn’t be torn down.  Salisbury House, the Equitable building…The Masonic Temple are all examples.  If there is significant support to preserve or save a piece of history, then it can get done.  In this case, the kind of homes we’re talking about are post WWII!  My neighborhood has dozens of homes twice as old and with significant and beautiful examples of architecture.  Are we to save them all?  People will save some of them…some will become too expensive to maintain and will be torn down.  The community or individuals who want to preserve historic sites should have the opportunity to buy them and keep them looking new.  This should not be the responsibility (financially or otherwise) of taxpayers or the city.

An Earfull

New guidelines are out for parents who have kids with ear infections.  More specifically, earaches.  The recommendations are supposed to keep kids from getting too many doses of antibiotics and therefore making them less effective over time.I don’t disagree with the sentiment.  If a simple painkiller would work to alleviate a child’s discomfort we should use that.  The problem I see with that theory is that you have to educate parents about not overusing painkillers.  Part of being sick is feeling crummy.  Overuse of painkillers might lead to the same kind of conclusion for those drugs.

We just had a similar situation with JT.  He woke up wheezing heavily and struggling to breathe early Sunday.  Turns out he had croup.  He wasn’t presenting the classic cough so we didn’t know it was croup.  The breathing problems scared us a lot more than they bothered JT.    With 5 hours until the Urgent Care opened…we went to the ER.  We overreacted.

No harm to JT, just the cost to us.  When I got the chance to talk to the doctor about the situation we asked better questions and got better guidance for ourselves about what to do under a range of circumstances in the future.  As a parent you don’t know what you don’t know until you are standing there asking…”I wonder what this means?”

Good Job

While we’re on the subject of parenting decisions.  How much do you say “Good Job” to your kids.  Apparently too much.  Here’s an interesting and very old article Sally brought home for me to read.  I’ve been trying to change the way I talk to my kids ever since.  It’s harder than it sounds.

A break…

I am headed to an undisclosed Sunny location for the next few days.  I intent to relax and read…I’ve even made the decision not to get a roaming plan for my phone.  We’ll see how long it takes me to get the shakes.  Thankfully there will be adult beverages to calm my nerves.

Andy Fales will be co-piloting Today in Iowa until I get back next week.  I won’t be offended if some of you don’t want me back.  Andy is our best writer, a thoughtful, honest and insightful reporter and his approach to the day’s news is something I’d watch!

I hope you will too.

I wonder if they’d let me fill in on Soundoff when he’s on vacation?

Have a great day. We’ll see you next Tuesday morning.