ERIN OFF CAMERA: Pink Perspective

Erin Off Camera

You know those moments that make you think, “How can that be possible?!?!”?

I just had one.

I was looking at NBC’s website and saw a blurb announcing that “Pretty in Pink” came out 27 years ago today.  If you click that link you can watch the trailer.  I love the scene in the record store with Duckie singing “Try A Little Tenderness”.

A few weeks ago my “How can that be possible?!?!” moment happened when a former Channel 13 employee wrote this to me:

Hi Erin,

Are you aware it’s our 10-year anniversary today? I know that’s creepy but let me explain…

In our story meeting today, we talked about the 10-year anniversary of the space shuttle Columbia explosion, and I happened to remember that was the day I job shadowed you at KCCI. And I thought I would just let you know how thankful I am for that job shadow all those years ago and how encouraging you were to me at WHO.

This wonderful “kid” is now a reporter in Kansas City and I feel old!  Except I don’t feel old.  It’s strange.

What’s your “How can that be possible?!?!?”  moment?

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