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MORNING BUZZ: Andy in the A.M.

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Good morning!
Pat is taking some time off and if you watched this morning you noticed we have a new face on Today while Mr. Dix is gone. It’s Andy Fales! I was excited to be sitting on the anchor desk with my co-worker and friend. Andy and I go way back at WHO. We were hired at about the same time and he did sports while I was working on the weekend evening shows. That was about 10 years ago so it’s been a while since we’ve had the opportunity to work together again. Too long if you ask me. And for a self-described night owl like Andy it was very kind of him to come in to work when he’s usually just going to bed. Don’t worry, if you missed him this morning, he’ll be back for more punishment tomorrow morning.

The Snow
I love Jeriann’s description of the system that dumped about 9 inches of snow here in Des Moines. “The storm is kind of like your in-laws.. they came when you least expect it and they never leave.” Didn’t it feel like it never quit snowing? Well, it didn’t.. at least in some parts of the state. And, we have more on the way Monday. I’m ready for spring!

Happy Friday eve! See you back here tomorrow!
Oh… and you won’t want to miss the show tomorrow. It involves a Happy Dance that won’t bug anyone! (How’s that for a tease)